A bucket wheel stacker-reclaimer, suitable for the longitudinal storage yards, is large equipment used for loading and unloading the bulk materials efficiently and continuously. It is mainly applied for the coal and ore storage yards of the electric power industry, metallurgy industry, coal industry, building material industry, and chemical industry and so on.

It has the characteristic of great homogenizing effect,large reclaiming capactiy,high efficiency etc.

According to the different process of ground conveying system,the tail of boom bucket wheel S/R shall designed to different type.

Technical Features

The stacker-reclaimer designed by our company can satisfy the technology process of the overall design, the reliability of the equipment use, and the equipment advancement to the maximum.

1. Satisfying the technology process 

In the overall design of the equipment, we strictly implement the technological layout by the design institute to assure the stacking & reclaiming capability and the storage volume requirement. In the longitudinal storage yards, adopt the different stacking process as per the different work conditions; in the round storage yards, adopt the continuous combined stacking method to assure the blending result. 

2. Reliability 

By adopting the advanced design methods such as the Computer Aided Design, three-dimension design and the steel structure optimized design, absorbing the abroad advanced technology, basing on our experience in designing and manufacturing the stacker-reclaimer and the continuous summarization and improvement, our design shall be technically advanced and reasonable and our equipment shall be reliable in use. 

We adopt the advanced production equipment and technology process to achieve the guarantee, for example, the steel pre-treatment line can assure the improved quality and corrosion resistance of the manufactured products, and the use of large milling and boring machine can increase the machining quality of the large components. All the large structure parts shall be integrally pre-assembled in the factory for demonstration and the trial run shall be performed for the driving section in the factory. The rotary section shall be manufactured by moulds.  

Adopt the new style materials such as the anti-wear materials and combined materials. 

For all the out-sourcing parts, adopt the domestic first-class product and advanced products both in China and abroad.

Adopt the soft startup and frequency conversion control to reduce the damage to the   equipment caused by the impact. 

The equipment is provided with various protection measures. 

We adopt the advanced test methods and strict quality management system. 

3. Advancement 

The equipment adopts the unmanned operation, can carry out the stacking and reclaiming work automatically, is a product of high automation degree. 

 Set up several stacking and reclaiming methods to satisfy the different work conditions in the material storage yard to the maximum. 

Adopt the advanced frequency-conversion technology and application. 

Multiple styles of cooperation and study carried out together with the domestic universities and design institute play a positive role for the research, manufacture and development of the stacker-reclaimers.